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“Local, organic food is expensive. I don’t have extra money for a yard project or fresh produce every week.”

“I barely have time to cook myself a meal, let alone address the communities' food-insecurity. I know my diet and yard habits are supporting a harmful status quo, but I simply don't have the time.”

“It’s easier to leave my property alone. Solving hunger is too complicated of an issue for me to worry about.  What would I even need to learn? Where do I start?”

Custom Garden 
Growing space must be
larger than 100 sq. ft.


Double Dug
Reduced cost*

Raised-Micro Farm
*Fee may apply

Pre-existing Orchards & Gardens
Eligible for free diversified bag of produce*

Micro-Farm Installation and Upkeep

The installation of sustainable home gardens that produce food for its residents and community members in-need is the staple of our service. The fruit and vegetables in these home gardens will produce enough food to change the lives of all San Diegans. A small, one-time installation fee is required for residents who report being "food secure." Resident who report being “food insecure,” however, will not only have their installation fee waived, but they will also be given a bag of fresh produce FOR FREE after signing up.

Fresh Food Delivery

 Healthy Food for All

To reduce food insecurity, Active SD Co-Harvest members are encouraged to use and harvest the produce from their property. Our delivery program is solely for food-insecure members, and we are looking for food insecure households that would be willing to grow food on their land. All Food Insecure Members will receive at least a small bi-weekly bag of produce at NO CHARGE.


Food Donations

Helping The Community

SD Co-Harvest is dedicated to stepping up local efforts to address food insecurity. Reducing the number of families that go hungry is no easy feat. However, through cooperation and community empowerment,  Co-Harvest facilitates progress by making it easy to donate the food you grow. All you need to do is let the food grow in your yard! The Community Supporter Membership is made for people who love the idea of donating food for those in need without lifting a finger.

Food produced at our micro-farms is pooled and made available to Food Insecure members in diversified fresh produce bags. Excessive harvests will be donated to Bayside Community Center, Community Fridge Projects or the San Diego Food Bank for their distribution to low-income residents countywide.

Food Scrap Pickup & Compost

Compost and Education

With the food-scrap pickup and compost initiative, the goal is to promote cyclical and regenerative thinking within communities. This service provides free food-scrap pickup, as well as compost education for Co-Harvest members. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse emissions through the efficient movement and re-use of food and waste. Our Food Members are required to take part in our free food scrap collection or at-home composting program.


Farming Self, Farming Land, & Farming Community

As a mission-driven organization, SD Co-Harvest strives to find new strategies for at-risk youth. Our program focuses on drop-out prevention, education & employment programs that engage children/teens in local projects to help break cycles of hunger, poverty, inequality & oppression. explains it best through visual display in “Everyone at the Table,” 

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.25.42 AM.png
  • Local Food Lover

    Subsidized Food, But Local and Healthy.
    Free Plan
    • Free Biweekly Food Delivery
    • Garden Installation/Maintenence
    • Must be "Food Insecure" for eligibility*
    • Must have 100' of space
    • *Upgrade to large Biweekly bag* $20/month (EBT accepted)
  • Community Based Organization

    Subsidized Food, but Healthy. Put in Effort for Extra Food.
    Free Plan
    • Maintenance of Community Space
    • Volunteer Days - Educational Opportunities
    • Garden/Irrigation Installation
    • Must serve food-insecure clientele
    • Must have 100' of space
  • Active Food Producer

    Every month
    Hard Working Philanthropist. Apply Here.
    • Garden Upkeep
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • In-Kind Donation Receipts
    • Garden Certification Classes
    • Composting Education/Planning
    • Free Food-Growth Consultation
  • Community Supporter

    Every month
    Letting your soil and water give back. Awesome.
    • Garden Upkeep
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • In-Kind Donation Receipts
    • Garden Certification Classes
    • Free Food-Growth Consultation

Interested in volunteering or becoming a donor?

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