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In The News

Learn about how the Co-Harvest team and our partners are working to empower San Diego's communities through food sovereignty and efficient community-led urban agriculture.

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The San Diego Business Journal wrote an awesome article about the Co-Harvest model!

*This article does fail to mention our involvement with school micro-farms and building food-gardens for food-insecure families.


Bayside Community Center was highlighted for their distribution efforts during the pandemic! They identified and delivered our Co-Harvested  bags of diversified produce twice a month for the entirety of the pandemic! It is important to stay committed to the health of our elders especially in times of crisis!


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At the beginning of the pandemic, The Peninsula Beacon highlighted our efforts as part of a growing B(l)OOM of urban gardeners. It was important for us to use our voice to make sure "gardening" is portrayed accurately as the restorative/revolutionary act that it is. This is NOT a trend, urban agriculture is a solution to food-insecurity and environmental degradation.

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