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My family is food insecure and I work full time so I cannot grow food, how can you help me?

SD Co-Harvest was created just for people like you. You would fall into the 'Local Food Lover' category. First you would be given a low-cost community produced bag filled with healthy food. Next we would install a Micro-Farm in your yard (3x4'x8' raised beds or approved double dug beds). Once this Micro-Farm is set, our staff will weed, harvest, and maintain the area at no cost to you! In return you would be provided with a bi-weekly produce bag with assorted fruits and vegetables.

I have no time to garden but I have space and want to do something good for the community, what can I do?

You would fall perfectly into the Community Supporter category! Not only will we install and tend to your Micro-Farm during your busy week. We will also keep you updated on how your produce is helping the community in which you live.


We call this Passive Philanthropy, the brilliant idea that as you work and live your life, the sun and your front yard will be feeding those in need. Anyone within the communities we serve will also be given the opportunity to buy into our Local Farm bags as well as participate in our composting program at no cost.

I want to tend my own garden, can I still partake in the donation/food share  and Food scrap program?

Yes, If you wish to tend to your own "Micro-farm" you will be required to attend a SD Co-Harvest certification workshop. This will enable you to Level-Up your membership status and receive discounts on our food delivery (coming soon) and monthly contribution. Our food scrap pickup program is available to anyone within the communities we serve.

What if I already have my own vegetable/fruit garden?

Residents with established gardens or orchards are able to become SD Co-Harvest Member at NO INSTALL COST ! If you wish to participate and help grow food for the community, a free Grower Certification Course is available to members. Now your excess food goes to someone who truly needs it!

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