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Compost Pickup

SD Co-Harvest is dedicated to addressing climate change in any way possible. Reducing the amount of organic waste in land fills is one way we do that. Food Scrap pick-up and compost is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe this program will make it simple. We set all of our members up with a composting system and we are partnered with miramar greenery to compost all excess green waste. We are happy to refer all of our non-members to local composting organizations like Food2Soil, which happily uses the food scraps we produce in order to regenerate healthy soil for our Micro-Farms and for other organizations. We pride our selves in composting education, see below for actual facts supporting sustainable living and waste.

Composting Research

Real Facts (IN PROGRESS...)

Composting facts.jpg
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