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Linda Vista Micro-Farms!

An amazing community, and a 'Pretty View'. Here in Linda Vista we don't even have a full service grocery store. As a result, we decided to create a system of healthy food gardens to alleviate food insecurity in the area. Read more below about our 3 Linda-Vista Co-Harvest members...

Cristina Savaglio - Linda Vista Co-Harvest #1

Cristina Savaglio was our first Co-Harvest member. She bought into the idea early-on and has already donated over 100 lbs of her produce straight from her yard. The video above is her amazing front yard space which used to be covered in weeds and rocks. Now its a beautiful and productive garden. This month she has donated 30+lbs of Broccoli, Oranges, Eggplants, Beets, Tomatoes, and Jalepeños. Here's a few pictures from her loot!

Bayside Community Center - Linda Vista Co-Harvest #2

Our second Co-Harvest member is an absolute staple in the community. Bayside Community Center has been our partner since the very beginning and their extra space has been nothing but BOUNTIFUL. While their community garden program produces amazing low cost food for the community, they have gone above and beyond by donating their extra space to San Diego Co-Harvest and our cause. An amazing amount of love and hard work comes from Bayside Community Center, and now fruits/vegetables, urban agriculture, and healthy living are all a staple in their work.

The Village Apartments - Linda Vista Co-Harvest #3

An unexpected yet fantastic philanthropic member and community building enterprise. This commercial property has rethought their excess space and realized its potential for #Growth. Converting over 800 sq. feet of growing space, this property manager is looking to reduce waste while also promoting healthy diets and sustainable practices. Projected at over 2,000 lbs of food. Here is our design...

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