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January Food Drive!

Our very first FOOD DRIVE!! Today we teamed up with Bayside Community Center, the San Diego Police Department, Flood Church, Linda Vista Collaborative, and Linda Vista United Methodist Church to donate produce to Seniors and other food-insecure individuals. This is why our Co-Harvest staff Harvested 20+lbs of Vegetables and over 100+lbs of Citrus this morning. Huge thanks to Bayside (Linda Vista's Core Community Center and advocacy organization) for packaging the foods and providing a platform for local residents to eat low-cost, healthy food.

While food-distribution events are a staple program for both Co-Harvest and Bayside, this is the first distribution in which both Non-Profits teamed together and included Fruits & Vegetables harvested the SAME DAY as the food distribution. We take it seriously when we say that nutritious, local, and fresh-foods should be available to-all regardless of economic status. This distribution was made possible by only 3 Co-Harvest Properties... IMAGINE 30... 300... 3,000!

Along with Food Insecurity, excess/wasted space is a plague in our beautiful city. 1/5 of our children are at risk of Food Insecurity and yet we still spend our money landscaping our homes for solely Aesthetics. Look at your yard, Let's create functional beauty, Let's feed the community, let's feed the bees, and let's enjoy some delicious food. Sign-up Today!

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