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1. Grow Food
2. Eat Good 
3. Donate Food
4. Feel Good


The staff at San Diego Co-Harvest are driven by a single goal: to make healthy-food affordable and accessible in all communities. 




Co-Harvest is an agricultural nonprofit that establishes and maintains micro-farms at low costs throughout San Diego. We transform your unused space into an efficient micro-farm, which feeds your family and your community. Freshly harvested crops are distributed back to members, food banks, and community fridges. Sliding scale memberships and farm installations are available for low-income families, philanthropists and pre-existing farms & community spaces.


Get started by scheduling a free consultation. We'll determine the best plan for you based on the amount of space you have (minimum 10x10 ft), sunlight, irrigation, and your income eligibility. Then you'll pick your veggies, pick your membership plan, and we'll start co-harvesting!




The Four Categories of Co-Harvest Members

Food Sovereignty is at the forefront of our mission. We offer sliding scale membership plans for people of all income and experience levels. 

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The four pillars of CoHarvest’s impact are Health, Environment, Education, and Jobs.

  • We measure our impact on society’s health by how many people we raise out of being at-risk of food insecurity. 

  • We measure our impact on the environment by the pounds of carbon emissions and other waste we take out of the food system. 

  • We measure our impact on education by how many of those we serve have changed to lead more eco-friendly lifestyles beyond their involvement with CoHarvest. 

  • We measure our impact on jobs by the number of jobs we provide, as well as the financial stability guaranteed by those jobs.



We have Co-Harvest farms in Linda Vista, Point Loma, City Heights, Normal Heights, La Jolla, and Mission Hills/Hillcrest. We are always looking to expand our Co-Harvest edible landscapes across San Diego. Local Farming and urban agriculture brings both Social, Economic and Environmental benefits to our communities.

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Garden 3.jpg
Garden 2.jpg
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What Our Members Have to Say:

"Thank you so much!! Y'all are like a seal team six, but instead of deadly missions, your missions are to provide life and love to our neighborhood!"

"We just harvested a ton of cucumbers! The cilantro and green onions taste so good, too!"

"Marcus arrived soon after my last text. He sure is nice and such a hard worker!"

"How did you move all that dirt today?! The garden looks amazing. We can't wait to start co-harvesting!"

"The team is amazing!  Can't wait for more growth."

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