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Work with us to decide what membership type and garden size suites you. 

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We come to you and build a Micro-Farm in your yard. Have a garden? Let's help you grow more and give back to the community.


Your edible garden will be supplying vegetables to yourself and those in need. 

Co-Harvest Foundation

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2021 Goal:  100K lbs of Fresh produce

Generous Households


Low Income Families

Excess Urban Space


Smart Agriculture 

Tons of Nutritious, Sustainable 

Food for All

How does this work?

Contact Co-Harvest Foundation and we'll build a garden in your yard that will provide fresh fruits and veggies for you and those in need.

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Sounds easy! So why should I participate?

It's an incredibly simple way to participate in philanthropy and change the lives of San Diego Families.



We help install and maintain residential vegetable gardens (Micro-Farms) at your home or on your commercial land. Co-Harvest enables everyone in San Diego to grow healthy food for your community at LOW prices. To apply for a FREE garden installation and fresh food delivery Contact Us Everyone is eligible for FREE consultation,  Renters accepted!

We have Co-Harvest farms in Linda Vista, Point Loma, City Heights, Normal Heights, La Jolla, and Mission Hills/Hillcrest. We are always looking to expand our Co-Harvest edible landscapes across San Diego. Local Farming and urban agriculture brings both Social, Economic and Environmental benefits to our communities. Co-Harvest with us today.

Food System efficiency and community health are at the forefront of our work.
Co-Harvest Programs are designed to help San Diego communities install and maintain efficient Local food production and distribution 
Custom Garden Installation
We come to you and install a home garden.
Pre-Existing Orchard/Urban Garden
Work with us to donate from your farm or garden.
Subsidized Fresh Produce! (SNAP/EBT)
Those in need qualify for affordable food.
Fresh Local Food Delivery
Fresh locally grown vegetables  delivered to your door.
Maintain Your Excess Space
Improve your backyard with a beautifull garden.
Philanthropic Landscaping For Commercial Properties
Turn excess commercial space into a tax deductible donation.