1. Grow Food
2. Eat Good 
3. Donate Food
4. Feel Good


The staff at San Diego Co-Harvest are driven by a single goal: to make healthy-food affordable and accessible in all communities. 



The Four Categories of Co-Harvest Members

We offer a sliding scale membership plan for food-insecure members, and philanthropists. Membership levels  #1 and #2 (Local Food Lover/Grower) are not paying members due to their respective levels of food-insecurity. Our private payment system means none of your neighbors or our employees know exactly how much you pay/don't.



Your food, grown in your yard. As local as it gets.


As a Local Food Lover, SD Co-Harvest staff will install a Micro-Farm on your property free of charge.* We’ll take care of the weeding, harvesting, and maintenance, you just need to allow our staff to enter your yard.

Instead of collecting a bill you will collect a weekly produce bag filled with fruits and vegetables grown by your neighbors, all for free. (*Eligibility applies.)

- Free Bi-weekly Food Delivery

- Garden Installation/Maintenance

-Must be “Food Insecure” for eligibility

-Must have 100’ of space

*Upgrade to large Bi-weekly bag*   $20/month (EBT accepted)



Your work grows your food.


As a Local Food Grower, SDCH will set up your own personal Micro-Farm free of charge.* We’ll then provide you with training, so that together our combined efforts will yield yummy results right in your yard.

You will agree to attend a Free SDCH Grower Certification workshop, which will certify your homegrown produce to be shared in our community produced CSA bags. You’ll also be given bins to compost or collect food scraps for use on SDCH Micro-Farms.

- Free Large Biweekly Food Delivery

-Grower Certification Classes

-Garden Installation/Maintenance

-Must earn at, or be below, 180% of the federal poverty level to be "food insecure".  

-Must have 100' of space



Your hard work cultivates for your community.


These SDCH members help their neighbors through their hard work: weeding, harvesting, and maintaining their own Micro-Farms while continuing to donate the extra produce they’ve grown. 

Many Active Food Producers already grow their own food and opt-in to our program by donating  50% of their home-grown food and paying a small membership fee to enter into our philanthropic network. 

- Garden Upkeep

- Monthly Newsletter

- In-Kind Donation Receipts

- Garden Certification Classes

- Your Yard can have an Impact

-Composting Education/Planning



We’ll turn your yard from passive to productive.


The Community Food Supporter is the most popular category for philanthropist members! This membership is for people who want to help end food insecurity in their community without making huge monetary or timely investments. 

Through this membership, you sit back and watch as SD Co-Harvest transforms & cultivates your extra space to grow food for neighbors in need.

- Garden Upkeep

- Monthly Newsletter

- In-Kind Donation Receipts

-Garden Certification Classes

-Your Yard can have an Impact

- Composting Education/Planning

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2021 GOAL
100K lbs of Fresh Produce

Generous Households
Low Income Families
Excess Urban Space
Smart Agriculture 
Tons of Nutritious, Sustainable 
Food for All


We have Co-Harvest farms in Linda Vista, Point Loma, City Heights, Normal Heights, La Jolla, and Mission Hills/Hillcrest. We are always looking to expand our Co-Harvest edible landscapes across San Diego. Local Farming and urban agriculture brings both Social, Economic and Environmental benefits to our communities. Co-Harvest with us today.

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