Community Food Lover

Letting your soil and water give back. Awesome.

Community Food Producers are the backbone of our mission. Our idea of passive philanthropy is aimed towards the people who want to make a huge difference without taking up time or money. Our mission is to feed you and your community with the food that grows on your open space. While a 100$ monthly membership contribution is required for community food producers, our efficent growth system enables your small payments to turn into real pounds of vegetables for you and the community.


You must agree to have people come onto your property to weed and harvest. Other than that you can expect nothing but a guilt-free lawn made up solely of beautiful fruits and vegetables growing for yourself and local food-insecure families. Monthly newsletters are an important aspect of this program, reminding you of the children and low-income families that your land continually feeds and fuels. At least 50% of the food produced will be donated to those in-need, you will receive an in-kind donation receipt for these donations.


We start with our home-consultation where we will discuss your growing space and what exactly you are looking for in terms of the aesthetics of the Micro-Farm. There is a one time installation fee depending on household income and garden type/size. Community food producers will also be given the opportunity to join our composting program and/or local "Freshest Food" delivery program.