San Diego Micro-Farms

All San Diego neighborhoods work together in this effort to reduce hunger. Below are a few of our residential farms that produce healthy/fresh produce.

Linda Vista

Linda Vista is the home of our base location. We love this area and the ground is so fertile! 

City Heights

The closer your food is to you, the fresher it tastes on the plate.

 North Park

North Park has fertile ground and is in such a great spot to provide food for San Diego's Communities!

Point Loma

So many Lawns, So little time! Point Loma has a HUGE philanthropic community and an awesome temperate climate.

La Jolla

This jewel of San Diego produces pretty views and lucious fruits and vegetables for all of San Diego.


A vibrant community full of creative growth! 

San Diego Co-Harvest works diligently to install gardens and grow fresh local food for all San Diego Communities. #GrowFood #FreeFood #LocalFood

We Love input! Let us know how we can better grow food for San Diego!


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