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The four categories of growth and giving

Level 1 Local Food Lovers are the foundation of SD Co-Harvest. These members usually come from communities that lack access to to fresh produce and must qualify as Food Insecure. Local Food Lovers will do relatively NOTHING while SD Co-Harvest staff design and grow a Micro-Farm on their available land. In return, Food Lovers will receive a FREE bi-weekly produce bag filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. They can upgrade to our large Fresh Produce bags for a subsidized value of no more than $20/month (Market Price $60/month*) or by simply attending our educational course and becoming a Local Food Grower. (EBT Accepted)

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Level 2 Local Food Growers get all the benefits of Local Food Lovers, but these more "Active" residents tend and maintain their Micro-Farm without the help of SD Co-Harvest staff. Due to the extra work done by Local Food Growers, they are automatically upgraded to our large bi-weekly Fresh Produce bags for FREE (Market Price $60/month*). SD Co-Harvest certification is required and can be received by attending a free educational course. Members can qualify as Food Insecure to avoid all Fees.

Level 3 Community Food Lover is the most popular category for philanthropist Co-Harvesters! This program is for people who want to help end poverty without making huge monetary or timely investments. Through this program, you can sit back and watch as SD Co-Harvest cultivates your extra space and grows food for people in need. Community Food Growers can opt-in to receive a free grower certification course, Monthly Newsletters, and In-Kind Donation reciepts for the food they donate!

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Community food grower

Produce Network

Level 4 community food grower is the program for people who love to help others, and don't mind getting their hands dirty in the process. These members will weed, harvest, and maintain their Micro-Farms while continuing to donate their extra produce. Many Community Food Growers already grow food and opt-in to our program by donating  50% of their home-grown food and paying a small membership fee to enter into our philanthropic network. Community Food Producers receive a free grower certification course, Monthly Newsletters, and In-Kind Donation reciepts for the food they donate!

San Diego Co-Harvest works diligently to install gardens and grow fresh local food for all San Diego Communities. #GrowFood #FreeFood #LocalFood

We Love input! Let us know how we can better grow food for San Diego!


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