Local Food Lover

Subsidized Food, But Local and Healthy.

As a Local Food Lover SD Co-Harvest staff will install a Micro-Farm on your property free of charge AND take care of weeding, harvesting, and maintaining the vegetables and/or fruit. The only thing you have to do is allow SD Co-Harvest staff to come on your property to do our work.


Instead of collecting a bill you will collect a small weekly produce bag filled with fruits and vegetables grown by your neighbors, ALL FOR FREE. (Food Members must earn at, or be below, 180% of the federal poverty level to be eliigible for this program - See Sliding Scale)


As a Food Member you can choose to pay a $20 monthly fee to upgrade to bi-weekly large produce bags (Estimated at $50 value).  Large bags available free if Food Member becomes becomes certified as a Local Food Grower