What do we do?

The staff at San Diego Co-Harvest are driven by a single goal; to make healthy-food affordable and accessible in all communities. To achieve this goal, our members' unused (residential, commercial, agricultural) space  is used to build an efficient system of micro-farms throughout San Diego communities. These micro-farms are tended to by our Four Categories of residents and SD Co-Harvest staff. The food produced is then given to its members in cooperatively produced and diverse CSA bags. Extra produce is donated to the San Diego Food Bank.

Our Story

A Journey Towards Food System Equity

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who aren't afraid to challenge community norms. Our mission has been inspired by trends in food insecurity and dietary disease within San Diego nieghborhoods. We will not stand by as our global environment, regional economies, and local communities are devastated by our current food system. San Diego Co-Harvest has emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support low-income communities without access to healthy food. Established in 2019, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. Contact us to learn more and get involved.


About Our Founder

Founder Avery Cramer is a native San Diegan with a vision for a more environmentally sustainable and equitable future. Avery has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Policy from Loyola University of Chicago and has experience working on farms, restaurants, and at a community food bank.

The management of Co-Harvest Foundation consists of Director Avery Cramer, leaders at Bayside Community Center, and input from our membership. This business was founded as a social enterprise that incorporates a cooperative element within its membership. This membership cooperation and input is so important to our success because in order to create a societal shift towards more local agriculture, we must influence community norms about where food should come from. Our founder understands it will take input from all sectors to transform the food system and complete our mission.

San Diego Co-Harvest works diligently to install gardens and grow fresh local food for all San Diego Communities. #GrowFood #FreeFood #LocalFood

We Love input! Let us know how we can better grow food for San Diego!


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