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San Diego Co-Harvest is built for all sorts of people. This includes life long growers and people who have never picked up a shovel. We make it easy and efficient to share what you grow and get back a variety of fruits and vegetables. Our Community Food Growers will use their land to grow food for their families as well as local food-insecure households. You will be required to attend a SD Co-Harvest certification workshop which will certify your home-grown produce and enable you discounts in our Freshest Food Delivery Program.

We start the process by meeting and discussing your space or garden. We then decide if we will build a garden or use your existing space. A subsidized one time installation fee is all you need to pay, and then the weeding and harvesting can begin. As a Community Food Grower you will donate at least 50% of all of the food you produce. The food you donate will be recorded and documented using in-kind donation receipts, enabling tax deductions for your donated extra food.  


A small monthly fee of $75 allows Community food growers to be a part of our philanthropic network of growers, this includes: monthly newsletters, Compost education, in-kind donation reciepts. and  which keeps you up to date are also given the opportunity to be a part of our composting program.